1. The captain is the highest authority on board.

2. The boat leader chosen by the organizer is the highest master cabinet authority on board.

3. Consideration shall be given to safety on board,

4. The chosen place on board must be kept under fishing,

5. It must first be fished after a clear signal from the skipper,

6. At stop signal from skipper, the fishing must be stopped immediately

7. When using overhand throw, you must displayed great caution.

8. Every participant with large fish is entitled to space on the boat, and if necessary, the other participants must take their liner up of the water.

9. Participants shall, without the assistance of any other participant, themselves bring their fish to the surface.

10. It is only allowed to fish with one rod. Reserve rods must be fitted with tackel / jig.

11. A maximum of 3 hooks may be used, one of which may be a three hook (max size 8/0) which must be placed at the bottom of a pirk.

12. Brought bait fish must be used on all hooks. Whole baitfish must have cut off tail

13.Only fish that is hooked in front of the rear waist gill can be weighed in

14. All fish must be weighed in cleaned condition. In the case of suspected record fish, this may be fully weighed, but after cleaning, weighing in the competition.

15. Fish under the target do not apply in the competition.

16. There are 2 points per kilo, 10 points per species and 1 point per fish. In addition, 100 points are awarded to the best fisherman on the boat, while the rest receives a percentage relative to the boat winner, plus their own points.

17.Fish delivered to the table for weighting can not be corrected.

18. Ballan wrasse SHALL be released immediately, upon presentation of the fish to the boat chairman, one will be provided with a proof to be delivered at the weighing. The fish thus counts as a species and number. Ballan wrasse not released shall be considered disqualified.

Note that changes to the final rules set to the Festival may occur.