Program English 2020

Here is a little inspiration for the Sea Fishing Festival 2020,

which will take place on 22/5 - 23/5

The fishing at Skagen Sea Festival mostly takes place on the east side of Skagen.

There will be fished on, among other, Hertas flak, where spin fishing with pirk after for example Cod, Coalfish and Pollack. The bait fishing is also really good on the stone reef called Flakket. Here you will find many different species. E.g. Ballan wrasse, Gurnard, Pounting, Mackerel, Plaice and so much more. A really exciting fishing for different species. There will also be an opportunity to fish on one of the many wrecks around Skagen,where Cod, Coalfish, Pollack and Ling, among others are found.

We should also not forget that in recent years some exciting species have been caught in the area, such as Tuna, Halibut, Seabass and Zeus faber.

Skagen Havfiskeklub is hosting a big Gala Dinner Friday night in Marinestuen

It will be freefor participants and there will be an extremely favorable price for companions.

Atmosphere in the Marinestuen

Beautiful cod from one of the wrecks around Skagen

Prize Table